Our outpatient clinics were founded with the idea of offering the most advanced check-up (body scan) techniques to our people. Our Polyclinic aims to ensure that emergency first aid and health services are delivered to every part of the society effectively and reliably in the area where they have always signed up for the first time with experienced staff and experienced personnel.

We are constantly improving and delivering reliable healthy service to you.

Our Polyclinic is informed about all kinds of preventive health activities as well as expert medical staff, x-ray, laboratory and therapeutic services that apply all the possibilities of modern medicine.

Everything is prepared for your health and comfort at MAAN Medical Centers, which integrates boutique service with health. Our friendly and helpful staff aims to maintain the service flow 24 hours a day, strengthening each year with the principle of "First Human Health" with our highly experienced doctors and high - tech diagnosis units.


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