MAAN Nursing Homes and Elderly Care Centers provide accommodation and nursing services to those who need support over the age of 55. In addition, those who choose to benefit from our Home Care Services are provided with the necessary support by our expert team.

Elderly care is a field that requires experience and care. For this reason we choose our team meticulously; Our caretakers are all of our healthcare professionals and are certified individuals who have received specialized training in elderly care.

We start our services with preparation for morning breakfast, and continue with the shift system 24 hours uninterruptedly. Every kind of support is provided by our caregivers in daily life.

Post-hospital care for Alzheimer's, dementia, severe paralysis, rheumatism, spinal diseases, multiple sclerosis (MS), apalic syndrome (awake coma), epilepsy, diabetes, oncology, advanced parkinsonism, hip fracture surgery, bed- in other cases special care units in our care centers for elderly people needing support from others and those requiring special post-hospital care are arranged for our elderly people.

We offer a 24/7 health service in a perfect and hygienic environment, and our elderly people who have difficulties in nutrition in special care unit are being fed through the vein or catheter in our unit.It is meticulously presented from the compassionate hands of the MAAN Maintenance Team which performs all kinds of follow-up and care.


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